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The Centre

Grades 6-12 (Ages 11-18)

Our Centre location at 200 East Lake Crescent offers a wide variety of programs, services, and resources for youth and teens in grades 6-12 (ages 11-18), where we prioritize meeting the needs and interests of our members, the community, and the youth and teens we see.

The Centre and its programs provide youth and teens with a safe and inclusive environment where they can be themselves, discover their interests, build their self-esteem and confidence, create new relationships, make new friends, and be exposed to positive role models.

Often during weekdays, Boys and Girls Club Airdrie also partner with local sports programs, such as the Global Sport Academy, to offer a classroom setting for young athletes to complete their academic studies.

We offer youth and teens registered eventing programs. View our calendar or register now!

Free Drop-In!

Youth Drop-In is FREE thanks to our incredible sponsors at RBC! Youth Drop-In runs every day after school until 6:00 pm. We provide a great atmosphere to get homework done, learn new computer skills and enjoy some down-time with friends! Drop-In has weekly themed activities to keep youth engaged and having fun! Program hours may vary due to holiday closures and school breaks.

Evening Programs

The Centre offers evening programs for our members that allow students to have fun with friends while they gain new skills, try new activities and build their self-confidence. Evening programs vary from career insights, technical skills, social and transferable skills, to artistic and entertaining activities.

President’s Choice Basic Needs – Brighter Futures Grant

The Boys and Girls Club of Airdrie is extremely grateful to have received the President’s Choice Basic Needs – Brighter Futures grant.

The grant has provided us with the opportunity to enhance and extend our current nutrition programming for Youth and Teens at the BGCA Centre. Through our programs, youth and teens will learn basic and foundational cooking and kitchen skills, as well as supplementary skills and knowledge such as food safety, food preparation, meal planning on a budget, shopping on a budget, making good choices, positive and healthy lifestyles, etc.

The Basic Needs – Brighter Futures grant has allowed us to take basic and fundamental skills kitchen and nutritional skills and combine them with supplementary skills and knowledge. This exposes our youth and teens to a more well-rounded approach to cooking and healthy/nutritional ways of life that we desire for them to adopt.

200 East Lake Cres.
(Rob Ebbsen Arena)
Airdrie, Alberta

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