Introducing the Building Blocks Capital Campaign

Build community. Build Friendships. Build up our kids. Build BGCA.

Since 1979, BGC Airdrie has been building safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for children, youth and families. Space where children and youth meet friends, build positive adult relationship and learn new skills to set them up for success across the lifespan. Every day, BGCA locations open our doors to 145 child and youth members, and we see those members 34,000 times in a year. As we welcome the new year, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Brick By Brick campaign.

BGC Airdrie Club is constructing a new clubhouse for Airdrie’s kids; a space that will not only stand the test of time, but also provide a nurturing environment for our young community members and replace our aging Club structure. At BGC Airdrie Club, we’re embarking on a mission to BUILD a world of new opportunity for children in our community because at BGC we believe that Opportunity Changes Everything. We envision a place where our dedicated teams can foster growth, lend a listening ear, educate, play, and create opportunities for every child.

Our core mission is to offer a safe and supportive haven where children and youth can discover fresh horizons, conquer obstacles, build meaningful connections, and cultivate the confidence and skills they’ll carry through life.

As we kickstart our Building Blocks Campaign to raise the necessary funds for this pivotal building project, we recognize the significance of community support.

Building our new clubhouse is pivotal in achieving this vision, and we can’t do it without you.